Oracle E-Business Products

We are a premier enterprise mobility solutions provider with expertise in the Oracle Enterprise and Business Suite. With over a decade of experience, we have engineered several Oracle Enterprise based products, providing enterprises with integrated business applications, optimizing business performance.

This native iPhone-iPad App helps businesses to speed up notification, approval and request creation for human resource. It provides an extensive array of integrated, global business applications that facilitate.

EBSi Expenses App works seamlessly with Oracle E-Business Suite to Streamline Expense Processing and Reduce Costs.Dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort required to View existing Expenses.

Embracing Oracle E-Business Suite whole-heartily, EBSiShipping helps business to speed up the Shipping Process. This App accelerates the Shipping Process and hence covers the Picking, Packing.

EBSi Receiving compliments Oracle E-Business Suite and helps business to speed up the Receiving Process. It provides ease to perform Receiving Transactions which facilitate Organizations.

Embracing E-Business suite, Workflow Notification Approvals App helps business to accelerate the document approval process improving the overall process efficiency & productivity by facilitating workflow.

EBSi Attach is a blend of different modules in Enterprise Mobility Applications where you can add attachments to its different entities from your smart phones. This App works seamlessly with E-Business.

EBSi Timecard app empowers users to speed up the process of Timecard Entry for the Projects they worked on daily on the move. Hence helps users to accelerate the overall process efficiency & productivity.

EBSi Counting helps business to streamline the inventory counting within warehouse. App allows user to Schedule Cycle Count Request, View Cycle Counting details, Enter primary and/or secondary quantity.

C-Dash is the native iPhone-iPad app empowering Customers, Managers or executives to analyze the order details and track it that they placed on the move.This native iPhone-iPad App would empower.