Embracing Oracle E-Business Suite wholeheartly, EBSiShipping helps business to speed up the Shipping Process. This App accelerates the Shipping Process and hence covers the Picking, Packing and Shipping of goods to Customers and helps your business to grow.

EBSiShipping easily provides the user to ‘Pick Release’, ‘Create Container’, ‘Manually Pack’ and ‘Ship Confirm’ the Sales Orders. The App is flexible enough to support a Bluetooth Barcode scanner to get the required inputs to perform Shipping Process and making the business processing faster.Through Ship Confirm process,EBSiShipping confirms systematically that goods are shipped from Warehouse to full-fill Customer demand.

EBSiShipping makes the process of delivering Sales Order to the Customer easier¬ with a unique blend of enterprise habitants with Mobility. This Enterprise App improves business ability to get the Order details on the fly and take it through the Shipping Process.


  • EBSiShipping is fully integrated with Oracle E-Business suite 11i and R12.
  • Provides End Users to Pick Release and Ship confirm Sales Orders using your Smartphone.
  • End User can create LPN/Containers and Manually Pack Delivery lines on the fly.
  • Supports Camera Scanner, Bluetooth Scanner as well as manual entering of data using your Smartphone.
  • Supports Bluetooth scanner model CX2870-1409 from Socket Mobile
  • User can use the “Contact Us” option from the App to get the Sales Order and Delivery Names for demoing the App.
  • EBSiShipping is available for Free on the App store