EBSiAttach is a blend of different modules in Enterprise Mobility Applications where you can add attachments to its different entities from your smart phones. This App works seamlessly with E-Business Suite to allow user to add attachments to different entities such as Items and Expense Reports etc

This App significantly reduces the time and effort required to View and Add Attachments to different entities.

EBSiAttach can be integrated with Inventory and Expenses module of E-Business Applications. This App extends the ability to add Item images to Inventory Items and receipts to Expense Reports. User can set preferences across the selected entity like logged in Responsibility, Inventory Organization, and Attachment Category etc.

User can capture images by using Phone Camera or even browse them from phone gallery and attach to the Item and Expense Reports at Header/Line level according to its entity. EBSiAttach can support different entities from EBS, ERP like Purchase Order, General Ledger etc


  • Integrated with E-business suite 11i and R12
  • Secure connection to login to the App
  • Provides ability to View and Submit Attachments using your Smart phones
  • Attachments can be added at Header Level or Line Level according to its entity
  • One time setting up the entity preferences
  • EBSiAttach is available for Free on the App store
  • Works on the go with streamlined design