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EBSiReceiving compliments Oracle E-Business Suite and helps business to accelerate the Receiving process. With this app, user can perform Receiving Transactions easily and facilitate organization to make swift decisions, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

EBSiReceiving speeds up the process of creating Receipts on the fly along with other Receiving Transaction options and consequently getting better on the overall process efficiency and productivity. This App supports Bluetooth barcode scanner to capture the required inputs and makes the transactions faster.

The EBSiReceiving App provides users’ easiest way to inspect the goods before Receiving in Inventory. Using this app, user can inspect the Inventory items before delivering them to inventory. This app also makes the Accept or Reject process faster using smart phones and therefore enhances business excellence. The User can inspect the inventory in real time and take the decisions faster on the move.

This Enterprise app is a prefect mobility solution to perform the Receiving Transaction spontaneously. It is entirely integrated with Oracle Purchasing module. With the single click, the user can easily execute the Receiving Process of purchased goods.


 Fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Requires and compliments Oracle E-Business Suite version 11i and R12
  • It supports Camera Scanner, Bluetooth scanner device as well as manual entering of data using your Smartphone
  • Supports Bluetooth scanner model CX2870-1409 from Socket Mobile
  • Provide End Users to enter receipts and receiving transactions from Smartphone devices on the fly
  • User can use the “Contact Us” option from the App to get the Sales Order and Delivery Names for demoing the App
  • EBSiReceiving is available for Free on the App store