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EBSiExpenses App works seamlessly with Oracle E-Business Suite to streamline Expense Processing and reduce costs. This native iPhone-iPad App would help business to speed up the Expense Reports creation with attachments consequently improving the overall process efficiency and productivity.

This app significantly reduces the time and effort required to View existing Expense Reports, Add Expense Reports in Offline mode, Attach Receipts to Expense lines and Submit it for Approval.

Approvals are handled automatically using Oracle Workflow and Approvals Management.

EBSiExpenses is totally integrated with Oracle Internet Expenses module of Oracle Applications. This app is a Travel and Expense solution that streamlines and automates Travel spend Management. It also helps to increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction due to the Faster speed of Data Entry, Use of Expense Templates, Ability to save reports in Offline mode,  Capture Receipts image using Phone Camera and attach to the Expense Lines.

EBSiExpenses provides best solution for Business which makes the process of Submitting Expenses Reports easy for Employees.


  • Fully integrated with Oracle E-business suite 11i and R12
  • Uses Oracle EBS user credentials to login to the App
  • Provides ability to View and Submit Expense Reports using your Smartphones
  • User can enter Expense Reports in Offline mode and Submits it for Approval whenever they want
  • Access users to view and add Expense Reports with adding attachments facility in both view and add mode
  • Facilitate end user to add Expense Lines in Offline mode
  • Allows User to capture Receipt image and attach it to Expense Line in Offline mode
  • EBSiExpenses is available for Free on the App store
  • Facilitate the End Users, Managers and Executives to View and Add Expense Reports with Attachments from Apple iPhone and Apple iPad device
  • Allows Expense Report creation from iPhone or iPad device